Whether you are hosting an intimate family dinner or inviting everyone you know over, Christmas dinner is always a special. It is a time to truly celebrate the season and make precious memories that will last a lifetime. Set the tone for your evening with festive decor and a beautiful table for everyone to gather around. Here are some tips from us to help you host the perfect holiday meal:

  1. Plan early. The holiday season can sometimes prove to be stressful and putting things off can add to that stress. Let yourself enjoy your time with family and friends and plan ahead so your holiday will go as smoothly as possible.
  2. Remember all the courses. While dinner can be the main focus, don’t forget about serving appetizers, dessert or even after dinner coffee. You will want to make sure you have what you need for each part of the day.
  3. Make a big impression. When you are hosting smaller parties, those fancier upgrades will not take up such a big part of the budget. Adding a charger or upgraded glassware will wow your guests without breaking the bank.
  4. Be bold with design. Traditional green and red never gets old, but don’t be afraid to decorate with colors not typically associated with Christmas! Bring in inspirational photos, come look at our tables, and design mock tables in our showroom. We would love to help you plan the perfect Christmas dinner for you and all of your guests.