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Blush, Bronze, and Gold

Blush, Bronze, and Gold

By Aug 25, 2015 Comments Off on Blush, Bronze, and Gold

This pallet of blush, bronze, and gold is one of the most beautiful and universal color schemes for 2015! The soft blend of these glittery colors makes it simple to adapt to your event whether it is a wedding, birthday, or shower. We love putting our Celebrations! spin on this pallet by incorporating a darker base with our Pewter tabledrape and breaking up the soft colors by adding a textured burlap runner along with the glitz of our Charm table runner. We then decorated the table with gold glitter chargers, gold rimmed china, gold rimmed champagne flutes, and added our Satin Bronze napkins. Have some fun and add your favorite color to this blend and see where it takes you!

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