Color Story | Winter Trends of 2016

Red and Green can seem like the obvious choice when planning an event for the winter months, but this year we are seeing new color palettes that beautifully compliment the cooler season.¬†Interestingly enough the two trending looks are either monochromatic color stories to compliment the airiness of a fresh snow, or bold, dark hues to add drama. So should you go with the soft beauty of muted colors or with the strong richness of a more saturated palette? The answer: You can’t go wrong either way, but deciding a centerpiece first can help you chose the pieces that will appropriately tie in the look of your event. Just keep in mind that a neutral story needs some color to make sure your design does not get that “washed out” look. And oppositely, a darker look needs some neutrals in it to help the colors you chose to really pop.

Happy Winter Planning!