Many brides, grooms, event planners, and party hosts are ready to leave the pastel colors in the past and head toward a bolder look with jewel tones. The vibrant hues of amethyst, sapphire, turquoise, emerald, amber, fuchsia, lapis, and others are showing up in lots of unique wedding and party styles.

Part of the appeal of using jewel tones is that the boldness and brightness of the colors stand out in any setting and create a dramatic and unforgettable look for your event. Jewel tones make a great theme for a fall or winter wedding that will capture the mood of the season without going with the typical brown-and-orange or red-and-green schemes. That’s not to say, however, that jewel tones aren’t a great option for a spring or summer event, too! The colorful décor could really bring together an outdoor event on a beautiful sunny day.

Check out the photos above of some jewel-toned tablescapes in our showroom and get your own ideas rolling for your next event!

Products pictured: Caprice Fig Tabledrape, Linen Sea Green Napkin, Glass Plain Gold Rim Charger, Victoria Dishware, Kona Clear Dishware, Fiddle Flatware, Amber Dixie Goblet, Copper Mug, Beer Pilsner, Caprice Navy Tabledrape, Cranberry Polyester Napkin, Metro Flatware, Sonoma Glassware, Kate Dishware, Maui Clear Dishware, Maui Grape Charger, Satin Champagne Tabledrape, Round Light Wicker Charger, Cognac Luster Dishware, Smith Flatware, Linen Indigo Napkin, Peacock Dixie Goblet, Huntergreen Polyester Tabledrape and Napkin, Green Polyester Napkin, Parker Flatware, Double Old Fashioned Glass.