It’s officially September, and with the promise of cooler weather on the horizon, you can be sure that the plaid trend will start to heat up once again.
And when you start thinking about plaid, you’ll probably end up picturing woodsy scenes and lumberjacks, which can be a fun theme for an outdoor party or a birthday celebration for the little adventurer in your life. Follow these 6 steps to throw a perfectly woodsy lumberjack party!


1. Pick out fitting table settings

Plaid is of course a staple in any of the décor for a lumberjack party, so it’s a given that you should dress up your tables with as much plaid as possible! Pair it with burlap and mason jars to create a simple table setting that won’t look too over-the-top for a casual outdoor party.


2. Select the right furniture

When hosting a lumberjack themed party, it comes naturally to want to celebrate outside. We have lots of outdoor furniture available, but our Adirondack chairs and tables will help you create the right look. Crowd those around one of our Fire Pits and you’ll instantly have a cozy place to make s’mores for dessert!


3. DIY, rent or buy the perfect décor

If you can’t host your party in an outdoor space, there are some things you may be able to do to transform an indoor space to look the part. Our Artificial Boxwood Hedges can create a wall of greenery to create the look and feel of an outdoor adventure anywhere. Spruce it up with garlands of plaid or burlap fabric, pine tree cutouts, birch tree printed paper, or actual sticks you find in your backyard!


4. Create cute (and punny) signs

There’s virtually no end to the amount of punny signs you can create for a lumberjack themed get-together. It helps people get excited for a party when they can get a good laugh out of it! Put up some clever snack signs (like “bear poop” for chocolates, “twigs” for pretzel sticks, or “ants on a log” for celery with peanut butter and raisins), or engaging welcome signs (like “so plaid you came” or “thanks for chopping by”).


5. Serve themed snacks and drinks

Themed snacks are not only good for a laugh, they’re necessary to keep your guests well-fed and happy! From Teddy Grahams to pancakes with Log Cabin syrup to good old-fashioned s’mores, there are many snacks that are simple, easy, and probably already available in your pantry that will fit in perfectly at your lumberjack party. For drinks, consider a hot chocolate bar with plenty of flavors and add-ins to customize each drink. And if you’re expecting more adults, you can throw some Baileys liqueur into the mix as well!


6. Don’t forget the finishing touch – a photobooth

Photobooths always add an extra element of fun to parties, and a lumberjack photobooth is a fairly simple one to create! Start with a buffalo plaid, burlap, or woodsy backdrop, and use props like fake beards, knit caps, cardboard cut-out axes, saws, logs, bears, moose, and more! When it comes to photobooths, you really can’t have too many fun props.


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