Trend Alert | Paradise

Palm leaves, pineapples, flamingos and tropical flowers are making appearances in more than just the usual summer pool parties. Any type of celebration, from a 4-year-old’s birthday party to a bridal shower (and even everyday home décor) is susceptible to this refreshing and sunny trend.

Our newest printed linen, Palms, embodies this look with a fresh white background featuring green palm leaves. Two of our other printed linens, Hawaiian Ginger and Banana-A-Rama, each offer their own unique spin on paradise prints. And if patterns aren’t quite your speed, our Cabo linen collection comes in solid, slightly textured hues of Palm, Honeydew, Marigold, and Papaya to still fit right in with a tropical theme.

When it comes to setting the table, we have several island-themed dishware collections. Our Kona and Maui plate sets come in a variety of translucent shades that bring subtle color and some texture to the table, while our Rio collection takes the other angle and offers bright and sunny pops of color.

Our Bubble Water Goblets are a glassware option that’s reminiscent of beachy days, while our Pina Colada, Margarita, and Mojito specialty glassware is a fitting way to serve up some delicious island beverages.

Check out the photos above to see how these items can help create a perfect paradise look at your next event!


Products pictured: Hawaiian Ginger, Taylor Flatware, Rio Kiwi, Rio Flamingo, Clear Bubble Goblet, Cabo Marigold, Maui Clear, Parker Flatware, Blue Bubble Goblet, Tiffany Blue Napkin, Coral Tabledrape, Seersucker Aqua Napkin, Metro Flatware, Old-Fashioned Straight, Sherbet Tabledrape, Rio Mango, Amber Bubble Goblet, Allison Flatware, Palms, Royce Gold Flatware, Glass Plain Gold Rim Charger, Kona Clear, Pina Colada.