How To | Serve Hot Beverages

From an afternoon tea party to coffee and hot cocoa with dessert, there are plenty of opportunities for some delicious hot drinks in all kinds of events. When serving hot beverages, it’s important to think ahead to keep them at the right temperature.

Coffee Urns, Insulated Carafes, Teapots, Coffee Servers, and a wide variety of mugs can all help pull off hot beverage service at your event. Whether you prefer a buffet-style coffee bar or table service, Celebrations! has what you need. Check out the photos above for some ideas on how to serve hot beverages at your next event.


Products pictured: Insulated Coffee Carafe, Marilyn Dishware, 50 Cup Polished Stainless Coffee Urn, 50 Cup Fancy Stainless Coffee Urn, Coffee Mug – Cosmo, Copper Mug, 13” x 13” Galvanized Tray, Zipp Carrot Napkin, Reservation Stand – Chalkboard, Jane Gold Mug, Diana Dishware, Glass Plain Gold Rim Charger, Bistro Dishware, Royce Silver Flatware, White Wine Glass, Traditional Champagne Glass, Pink Polyester Napkin, Athena White Overlay.