Thanksgiving can be a time-consuming and stressful time for the host of a big holiday dinner party. Luckily we have some helpful tips and tricks to skip stress and save time this Thanksgiving.

1. Pre-make whatever you can

Stuffing, potatoes, and some casseroles can be made days in advance. For most dishes, all you need to do is reheat them in the oven on the day of for a no-hassle side dish. You can also prepare pie fillings early so they are ready to go, and put homemade gravy in the freezer to reheat right before serving.

2. Prepare all other ingredients

Cut up vegetables, portion out recipe ingredients, and start thawing your turkey at the right time. These may seem like small details, but the time it takes to prepare all these ingredients will add up and end up saving you tons of time that could be spent visiting with family!

3. Rent table settings and serving items

Using rented dishware, flatware, glassware, and serving pieces will save you lots of time, both before and after dinner. Pick up everything you need for your Thanksgiving table the day before and set the table early. You won’t miss those dishes for your meals in the meantime and you won’t have to spend time setting the table on the day of. After dinner, skip the dishes and head right to dessert! Just scrape off any extra pieces of food, shake out remaining liquids, and put all the items back in the provided bins. We will take care of the rest and you won’t have to wash a mountain of dishes!

4. Set up a table for the kids

Having a separate kid’s table may seem like an extra hassle, but it’s worth it to save on some dinnertime stress. Having their own space where they can carry on games and conversation will keep the kids entertained during dinner. A simple activity, like paper placemats and crayons, can keep the little ones busy at their nearby table when they’re finished eating so mom and dad can focus on enjoying their own meals without worry.

5. Make sure you have plenty of to-go containers

To avoid an after-dinner search through your Tupperware cabinet, check ahead of time how many to-go containers you have (and are willing to part with if you are giving leftovers to family) and make sure they are clean and ready to use. Or, while out shopping for ingredients, pick up some disposable to-go containers to give to family members and skip the hassle of trying to get them back.


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