Your dessert table doesn’t have to be boring. Check out these 4 ways to make the sweetest part of your evening fun and memorable!

Cake Table

Possibly the most traditional dessert table option, the cake table is a tried-and-true way to show guests that gorgeous cake you paid lots of precious money for all evening long. Place it on a cake stand on a small round table with matching linens and decor, or get a little more creative and place it on a stylish cocktail table or a wine barrel.

Dessert Display

If you’re planning on skipping the classic multi-tiered cake for smaller or more unique desserts, you can still put them all out on display during the reception. Set up a larger table and display your desserts in an eye-catching and beautiful way with a mix of cake stands, cupcake trees, multi-level trays and smaller serving trays.

Buffet Style

To make your dessert table a little more functional, put dessert plates and flatware on the table next to the displays and allow guests to walk up and serve themselves buffet-style.

Dessert Bar

For a more sophisticated version of the dessert buffet, you could set up a dessert bar, complete with service staff that will serve each guest as they come up to the “bar.” Since you’ll have someone on hand to assemble each guest’s treat on the spot, consider more individualized dessert options, like ice cream sundaes or floats, and stock up on a couple ingredient options so guests can order a treat they’ll be sure to love!


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