With so many quick, easy, and beautiful ideas for a Thanksgiving table centerpiece, there’s no reason your holiday feast should go without it! Here are a couple of ideas to try for this year’s celebration.


Table runners are a quick and easy option to dress up your table and add a pop of color. Pick a patterned or textured runner for a more interesting look, or roll up a coordinating overlay to give your table some immediate dimension.


Lanterns are an incredibly versatile decor item to use in any centerpiece. For a thanksgiving look, fill it with leaves, flowers, pumpkins, pinecones, acorns, walnuts, cranberries — anything that reminds you of fall, even if that’s just a simple candle!


Hurricanes with candles are a traditional centerpiece option. Try spicing it up for a holiday look by adding cranberries and walnuts around the candle. Or take the candle out all together and fill the hurricane with seasonal fruits, nuts, or popcorn kernels.


Place functional items in the center of your table to double as decor. Fill a pitcher with water and lemon slices, roll up extra napkins in a mug or vase, set out open wine bottles for easy access, fill a bread basket with breadsticks, or set up trays or bowls full of appetizers or condiments.


For a unique centerpiece that puts the focus back on family and friends, use photo holders or table setting holders and put your favorite group photos on display to celebrate the most important part of Thanksgiving: spending it with the people you love!


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