If you love the casual, natural feel of a rustic wedding, read up on these 5 essentials to plan a perfect event!

1. Venue

The right venue is critical when planning a rustic wedding. Location sets the mood instantly for guests, so your venue needs to have a naturally relaxed vibe. Think barns, ranches, and farms. These unique venues will immediately create the right feel for your event and will make it much easier for you to plan a beautiful wedding within it.

2. Seating

The ceremony, traditionally the very first part of your event, should set the tone for the rest of the evening. To complete a western look, consider using hay bales as ceremony seating for your guests. Add blankets, pillows, and maybe some cushions to make sure your guests are comfortable. If hay bales aren’t exactly your style, try to stick with wooden chairs or benches instead of plastic white or black.

3. Dining

For a rustic wedding, you won’t want your dining tables to have an overly fancy feel. Keep things simple and natural. Use farm tables or picnic tables instead of a table with linens, and dress it up with simple dishware, flatware, and glassware that aren’t too ornate. The minimalism on your tables will set a laid-back vibe for your reception.

4. Décor

The décor is what will really sell your rustic-inspired wedding! Your florist should play a big role in the décor to make sure it feels very natural. Start with lots of greenery, add in your favorite blooms for some color, and sprinkle in some western touches to really sell it. Use burlap for table runners, utilize wine barrels as cocktail tables and bars, hang up handmade wooden signs, and put centerpiece arrangements in cowboy boots. For an adorable detail that won’t go unnoticed, buy your centerpiece boots from an authentic shop like King Ranch and get matching pairs for you, your spouse, and your bridal party to wear (they could even double as thank-you gifts)!

5. Lighting

Since most rustic locations will be able host parts of your wedding outdoors, you can’t forget the lighting! Market lights strung across the dance floor or cocktail tables create a perfect mix of romantic and rustic for your reception, while our new antler chandeliers are a perfect touch to light up the dining tables in style!


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