Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! If you’re still stuck on what to give your significant other, you can’t go wrong with a romantic date night in. Not only is it thoughtful, but it’s completely customizable! From appetizers and drinks, to dinner and dessert, and even the movie you watch afterward, everything can be curated exactly to your date’s favorites! Here’s a step-by-step guide to surprising your sweetheart with a Valentine’s Day date night in.

1. The setup

Plan something to get your date out of the house for at least part of the afternoon while you set everything up. You could even take it a step further and make the whole night a complete surprise! Ask your date to go enjoy a spa day, watch a local sports team, or do a wine/beer tasting with some friends. As long as they are kept busy for a couple of hours, you’ll have the house to yourself to set up the perfect date night!

2. The mood

When your date walks into the house, you want them to be impressed! Set the mood from the very start with nice table linens and matching place settings. Dimmed lights and candles will also help set the scene, and some good background music is a must (set up a playlist full of his or her favorite artists).

3. The drinks

Whether it’s wine, beer, or a mixed cocktail, make sure you have your date’s favorite drink ready for them when they walk in, and make sure there’s enough on hand for the whole night!

4. The food

With such a romantic atmosphere, make sure the food follows suit! Cook his or her favorite dish for the main course, but don’t forget about an appetizer and dessert. Planning out several courses will leave a lasting impression of how much thought you put into the night, and it is sure to be appreciated!

5. The rest of the night

After dinner, put on a favorite movie, and don’t worry about the dishes! When you rent your tableware and glassware, you don’t have to wash anything! Just enjoy the rest of your evening and return the dirty rental items the next day.


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