Runners offer a unique opportunity to introduce many different colors, patterns, and textures to your table. Create contrast by layering runners and getting creative with your combinations!


Mix and Match: Colors

While combining complementary colors isn’t exactly a new idea, try pairing a brightly colored runner with a more neutral linen, or mix two bright hues in the center of your tables for a bold statement. Layered napkins can add to the dual-toned look as well.


Mix and Match: Patterns

Don’t be intimidated by patterns, or by combining them! Either with another patterned linen, or with a coordinating solid color, providing a contrast can help emphasize the pattern you choose.


Mix and Match: Textures

More than just the material, you can create texture with the way you style a runner on your table. A ruched or ruffled runner brings dimension as well as texture to a table, while a contrasting solid or flat runner can either help it stand out, or tone it down.


When is comes to creating contrast with a mix-and-match style, the best way to find the right look for your event is to experiment with your options and get creative! So don’t be afraid to come into any of our showrooms to see our entire selection and to try different looks until you find the one you love.


Products pictured: Dolce Slate Blue Runner, Delilah Oversized Runner – Pebble, Round Beaded Gold Charger, Parker Flatware, Lucca Ivory Dinner Plate, Charleston Salad Plate, Smoke Dixie Goblet, Ledge Champagne Glass, Ledge Wine Glass, Linen Nut Napkin, Metal Geo – Oblong, Child’s 48″ Round Table, Lavender Polyester Tabledrape, Satin Orchid Runner, Manhattan Olive Overlay, Maui Clear Dinner Plate, Metro Flatware, Kensington Aubergine Napkin, Olive Bubble Goblet, Child’s Chair – White, Walnut Stained Farm Style Round Table, Linen Sea Green Runner, Borgata Shell Runner, Purple Polyester Napkin, Zipp Licorice Napkin, Black Benson Water Goblet, 6 oz. Martini Glass, Sonoma Red Wine Glass, Maui Grape Charger, Maui Clear Salad Plate, Maze Clay Runner, Kalvin Dinner Plate, Kalvin Salad Plate, Linen Sea Green Napkin, Stemless Wine Glass, Sonoma Iced Beverage Glass, Smith Flatware, Gunmetal Dining Chairs, Delilah Oversized Runner – Blush, Elsa Glass Charger, Gabrielle White Napkin, Diana Dinner Plate, Sonoma Champagne Glass, Light Grey Polyester Tabledrape, Lace Cream Runner, Georgia Ivory Runner, Bistro Dinner Plate, Frayed Grey Napkin, Fiddle Flatware, Belle Water Glass, Belle Wine Glass, Belle Champagne Glass, Walnut Stained Farm Style Table, Delilah Oversized Runner – Cloud , Gold Polyester Runner, Linen Butter Napkin, Seersucker Yellow Napkin, Jane Gold Dinner Plate, Lucca Grey Salad Plate, Sonoma Water Glass, Lindsey Ice Blue Overlay, Nova Flatware, Glass Plain Gold Rim Charger, Diana Salad Plate, Cerulean Polyester Napkin, Empire Champagne Glass.