A timeless camp tradition, it’s hard not to love s’mores, whether you enjoy the sweet treat or just the ritual. But you’re not limited to only enjoying them at camp! An increasingly popular wedding favor, and a great DIY dessert for a backyard bash, there are several different safe and stylish ways of bringing the classic campfire activity to your next event.

1. Rustic: Fire Pit

For the traditional s’mores feel with a more controlled burn, turn toward fire pits or fire columns to provide the heat. Surround fire pits with chairs, benches, and tables with pre-packaged s’mores ingredients to invite your guests to take a seat and enjoy!

2. Modern: Sterno Cans

Gather around tables, either cocktail height or dining height, and swap centerpieces for a couple of Sterno cans to create a tabletop solution for roasting s’mores. The look is more modern, and it may even be allowed in venues that don’t permit fires. Add a tiered tray or stand to each table with a selection of ingredients and roasting sticks to keep everything your guests will need in one place.

3. Creative: Toppings Bar

Turn the simple treat into a full-fledged dessert with a toppings bar. With a selection of spreads, candies, nuts, and more, your guests can get creative with their s’mores. Open up some propane BBQs for an easy walk-up marshmallow roasting station, provide some mugs and urns full of hot cocoa, and don’t forget to offer plates, utensils, and napkins in case the creations get messy!


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