Think outside the chairs for your next event with bench seating. From a wedding ceremony, to a dinner party, to a corporate event – benches might be the solution you’ve been looking for! Check out these 4 ways to incorporate bench seating at your event.

1. Ceremony

Utilize benches to achieve a more unique ceremony look. For a rustic wedding, you can set up rows of light or dark wood benches, with or without pads and pillows, and decorate with natural florals or cozy blankets. You can also mix in some coordinating chairs (try Cross-Back or Felicity) for a dynamic look. If you prefer a more modern and luxurious vibe, start with our new white and gold Brigette benches and pair them with a sleek chair (try Phantom).

2. Dining

Our more decorative benches are perfect for sweetheart table seating, while some of our seating collections (Felicity) include a dining chair and a perfectly matched bench option for a coordinated look at long or square dining tables.

3. Lounge

A more traditional use for bench seating is in a lounge area. This is where you can really get creative and mix-and-match different furniture pieces until you find the perfect look for your event. From modern to romantic to farmhouse, there are endless combinations to try, and incorporating benches adds more seating space while bringing variety to the look.

4. Convenience

If your event takes place in a large area, or you anticipate guests needing a spot to sit and rest for a moment, benches are the perfect solution for quick and convenient seating. While a simple wood bench will be appreciated by tired guests, adding a Market Umbrella or some cute throw pillows will elevate it to a stylish comfort station.


Products pictured: Norden 6’ Bench with White Pad, 8’ Banquet Table, Felicity Bench – Ivory, Felicity Dining Chair, Satin Ivory Tabledrape, Caprice Tangerine Runner, Round Beaded Gold Charger, Lucca Ivory Dinner Plate, Jane Gold Salad Plate, Fizz Carrot Napkin, Burgundy Polyester Napkin, Royce Gold Flatware, Empire Wine Glass, Empire Champagne Glass, Empire Water Goblet, Vintage Folding Table, Cross Roads Bench, Mr. Pillow, Mrs. Pillow, Round Lacquered Gold Charger, Zipp Carrot Napkin, Dolce Slate Blue Runner, Lindsey White Runner, Lucca Ivory Salad Plate, Scroll Flatware, Belle Wine Glass, Belle Champagne Glass, Dixie Goblet Smoke, Betty Blush Sofa, Sprinkle Blush Pillow, Monaco Coffee Table, Monaco Side Table, Brigette Bench, Felicity Settee, Felicity Ottoman – Ivory, Monaco Sofa, Monaco Wing Chair, Ikat Yellow Pillow, Ikat Teal Pillow, Linen Terracotta Pillow, Linen Sea Green Pillow, Sierra Bench, Market Umbrella, Ikat Grey Pillow.