Looks We Love | Gems and Geodes

A gems and geodes-inspired event is filled with natural beauty and bold color choices. Deep jewel tones with hints of gold will set the look of your event apart from other natural color palettes that feature more greens and browns. Check out the photos above for some of our favorite geode-inspired looks.


Products pictured: Kona Aqua Dinner Plate, Maui Ocean Salad Plate, Light Grey Polyester Napkin, Royce Gold Flatware, Caprice Marine Tabledrape, Satin Mauve Napkin, Lucca Ivory Dinner Plate, Lucca Ivory Salad Plate, Nova Flatware, Walnut Stained Farm Style Round Table, Caprice Evergreen Runner, Lace Black Runner, Parker Flatware, Ritz Dinner Plate, Ritz Salad Plate, Elsa Gold Glass Charger, Belle Water Goblet, Belle Wine Glass, Empire Champagne Glass, Ritz Bread and Butter Plate, Gold Candlesticks, Satin Bisque Napkins, Burst Silver Charger, Jane Silver Dinner Plate, Jane Silver Salad Plate, Lucca Grey Bread and Butter Plate, Scroll Flatware, Kensington Aubergine Napkin, White Benson Goblet.