Murder mystery dinner parties are a fun and unique way to spend an evening with family and friends, and serves as a perfect Halloween party idea. Hosting a murder mystery dinner party is also easier than you may think. There are many kits available for purchase (check out, and they come in all different types of themes, eras, holidays and situations — like roaring ‘20s, Hawaiian luau, haunted house, pirate ship, and many, many more. There are kits made for kids, teens, adults, and for group sizes ranging from 5 to 200, so you can be sure there will be one that’s perfect for your group.

The instant download kits have everything you need for the game itself, including character bios and costume suggestions to send out to your guests before the party. It also includes instructions for each character, like how they should be acting during the different rounds, what information they should reveal to other players and what information they need to keep secret.

Dividing the night into distinctive “courses” will help guests mark the beginning and end of each round without having to break character to make an announcement. Most murder mystery kits unfold in three rounds, which flows well with cocktail hour, dinner, and then dessert.

The first round begins as soon as your guests arrive in costume, so help them stay in character from the very beginning with themed décor throughout your venue. Keep the immersive experience going the rest of the night by providing food and drinks that also coincide with your theme.

For example, a roaring ‘20s murder mystery dinner party should be decked out in black and gold with art deco accents. Think big feathers, sequins and pearls. Stock the bar with mint juleps and old fashioneds, and create a classic all-American menu with shrimp cocktail, baked ham, and red velvet cake.

In contrast, a luau themed party would have palm trees and tiki torches as décor, mai tais and pina coladas at the bar, and pork, pineapple and teriyaki as menu staples.


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