Offering one or two signature cocktails at your wedding or event has many perks, from practical to fun! Check out these 4 Reasons to Serve Signature Cocktails.

1. It saves money

Replacing a full open bar with just a couple signature drinks cuts way down on costs. An open bar can get quite pricey after stocking it with all the different types of alcohol and mixers you may need, plus all the different types of glassware needed for the unlimited number of cocktails your guests may request. By sticking with just one or two cocktails for the night, you only need to worry about the ingredients and glassware for your selected drinks.

2. It saves time

Even if you still plan on having a bartender serve your guests, having the cocktails pre-mixed will save time and allow the line to move quickly, so everyone can get their glass refilled and get back to the night’s festivities.

3. You can be creative

Besides all the practical perks, creating and serving a signature drink is a fun way to personalize your event! It gives you an opportunity to choose ingredients, flavors, and even a name that is meaningful to you. With some curated drink choices, even your bar contributes to the theme of your event in a way guests will love!

4. It is memorable

Speaking of guests loving your signature cocktails, having creative and delicious drink options is a memorable detail for any type of event! Charming signage and a brief explanation on the meaning behind your choice can turn the bar from a necessity to a piece of the story and a statement piece for the evening.


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