Who would have thought that napkins, something you use to clean your hands and face, would end up being such a staple in your event’s table settings? Napkins, a defining detail for our 2020 event planners, can really change the whole dynamic of the table, so when you are preparing your table settings, choose your napkin color, fabric, and fold carefully.


The napkin is a great place to add a pop of color to brighten up the mood or add an accent color to the entire event. And don’t forget the possibilities of mixing and matching! Two napkin colors, divided between whole tables or each place setting, is a super simple way to establish a color palette throughout the entire event space.


The texture and fabric of a napkin can affect the ambience almost as much as the color. A silk napkin will give the event a classic and elegant feel, while a linen napkin creates more of a rustic woodland vibe. But textures and fabric types can be hard to convey online, so when choosing your napkins, consider coming into one of our three Showrooms, where you have unlimited access to test out different fabrics, colors, and styles of napkins and see how each one will work with your table settings.


From complex knots to simple overhangs, a unique napkin fold ties together the completed look at each table setting. It’s what transforms a piece of fabric into a statement piece on every table. There are endless ways you can fold your napkins, and many online resources and how-to videos. You can also ask any sales representative in any of our three Showrooms, and they will be happy to show you their favorite napkin folds!

~ Meagan Greenlee


Photo 1: Walnut Stained Farm Style Table, Lace Black Runner, Burst Silver Charger, Lucca Black Dinner Plate, Lucca Black Salad Plate, Lucca Black Bread and Butter Plate, Black/White Check Napkin, Arya Flatware, Ledge Water, Ledge Balloon Wine, Ledge Champagne, Black Chiavari Chairs.
Photo 2: Round Light Wicker Charger, Faye Dinner Plate, Charleston Salad Plate, Linen Ivory Napkins.
Photo 3: Satin Black Table Linen, Sprinkling Silver Runner, Black Sequin Runner, Beaded Platinum Charger, Jane Silver Dinner Plate, Jane Silver Salad Plate, Jane Silver Bread and Butter Plate, Metro Flatware, Satin Silver Napkin, Jane Silver Cup, Jane Silver Saucer, Benson Black Water Goblet, Sonoma Champagne Glass.
Photo 4: Beechwood Farm Table, Faye Chop Plate, Lucca Ivory Dinner Plate, Lucca Ivory Salad Plate, Cabo Palm Napkin, Presley Flatware, Lucca Ivory Bread and Butter Plate, Dixie Smoke Goblet, Ledge Water, Ledge Champagne, Delilah Pebble Oversized Runner, Linen White Runner.
Photo 5: Walnut Stained Farm Table, Linen White Runner, Plain Gold Rim Glass Charger, Lucca Black Dinner Plate, Lucca Black Salad Plate, Arya Flatware, Linen Appple Napkin, Benson Black Water Goblet, Ledge Wine Glass, Ledge Champagne Glass, Lucca Black Bread and Butter Plate, Fiddle Butter Knife.
Photo 6: Walnut Stained Farm Table, Linen Harvest Oatmeal Runner, Lucca Grey Chop Plate, Lucca Ivory Dinner Plate, Lucca Ivory Salad Plate, Clooney Stripe Wheat Napkin, Presley Flatware, Copper Mug, Sonoma Water Glass.
Photo 7: White Polyester Table Linen, Leia Blush Runner, Plain Gold Rim Glass Charger, Jane Gold Dinner Plate, Jane Gold Salad Plate, Parker Flatware, Satin Mauve Napkin, Dixie Pink Goblet, Empire Wine Glass, Empire Champagne Glass.