This year’s wedding trends have proven that in 2020, less is more. Of course bright palettes can be beautiful, but there is something so elegant about simple tablescapes that allow neutral colors, natural beauty and, most importantly, you to make the biggest impact at your wedding. Keeping the overall table design simple and elegant while adding a pop of color will be a definite way to keep your wedding’s style both on-trend and timeless.

Incorporating color can be done in a variety of different ways. Whether it is through a colorful napkin, a statement centerpiece, or elegant glassware, a splash of a bright hue can add a fun twist to an otherwise minimal table design.

Start with the accent color of your choice and then tie in a base layer of simple, neutral hues to allow your accent to really pop. If you already have a color palette selected, use the brightest color as your accent. For your neutral base, select from timeless hues like white, ivory, grey, silver, and gold.

With this simple tablescape structure, your wedding’s color palette will truly pop without overtaking the whole setting. The resulting minimalist look will be beautiful and unforgettable for years to come.

~ Brianna Flanagan

Photo 1: Faye Chop Plate, Faye Dinner Plate, Presley Flatware, Cardinal Napkin. Photo by Ashley Baumgartner Photography.
Photo 2: Faye Chop Plate, Faye Dinner Plate, Audrey Coupe Champagne Glass, Traditional Champagne Glass, Delilah Pebble Oversized Runner, Frayed Grey Napkin. Photo by Paige Brittany Photography.
Photo 3: Burst Silver Charger, Jane Silver Dinner Plate, Jane Silver Salad Plate, Smith Flatware. Photo by Studio THP.
Photo 4: Lucca Ivory Chop Plate, Lucca Ivory Dinner Plate, Lucca Ivory Salad Plate, Linen Nut Napkin, Presley Flatware, Dixie Smoke Goblet, Sonoma Champagne Glass, Ledge Wine Glass. Photo by Ashley Baumgartner Photography.
Photo 5: Walnut Stained Farm Style Table, Delilah Cloud Oversized Runner, Charlotte Water Glass, Charlotte Wine Glass, Charlotte Champagne Glass, Burst Silver Charger, Lucca Ivory Dinner Plate, Lucca Ivory Salad Plate, Smith Flatware, Linen Grass Napkin.
Photo 6: Caprice Ivory Table Linen, Organza Navy Overlay (as runner), Satin Navy Napkin, Plain Gold Rim Glass Charger, Jane Gold Dinner Plate, Jane Gold Salad Plate, Sonoma Water Glass, Ledge Wine Glass, Ledge Champagne Glass, Metal Geo Oblong.