Trend Alert | Hanging Decor

Hanging decor from the ceiling of your venue can transform the look and feel of your event. Not only does it add another dimension to your space, but it also offers more opportunity to make it your own!

1. Structures

Structures such as Hanging Ladders or Wire Spheres are simple items that serve as a blank canvas to add decor that matches your event’s themes or colors. Hanging ladders offer a rustic feel and a large, flat space where you can place candles or greenery. Wire spheres are a more modern option that can be hung as is, or lined with lights or florals. The possibilities are endless with these versatile items!

2. Lights

Whether it’s chandeliers or string lights, lighting is a go-to ceiling treatment option for many planners. Besides adding decorative features to an otherwise blank ceiling, you also get the added bonus of more event-quality lighting.

3. Lanterns

Hanging lanterns (either traditional lanterns or paper lanterns) are a great decor option for a more unique look that will surely be noticed. And setting candles or LED lights inside the lanterns is a great way to transition a space from day to night!

4. Fabric

If you have a large expanse to cover, an unsightly ceiling, or just want a super plush look, consider draping fabric across the entire ceiling of your venue. This option transforms your space completely and can be totally customized for any kind of event.

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How To | Transform a Gymnasium into a Beautiful Event Venue

Have you ever thought of utilizing a gymnasium for your event venue? From weddings to birthdays to company holiday parties, a gym can be a great high-capacity venue. To transform a sports-centric building to a venue worthy of a large scale social event, check out these tips.

1. Cover the Gym Floor

There are several benefits to protecting your gym floors with a cover. Using a cover will significantly reduce the wear and tear that it experiences. That also means that maintenance that is dependent on use (e.g., sand, reseal, repaint, refinish) will not have to be performed as often, resulting in less downtime for the gym and lower maintenance costs.
Using gym floor covers can transform your gymnasium into a desirable event venue or meeting place with attractive flooring available in various colors and textures (including carpeted covers and custom branding). In addition, flooring will dramatically improve the acoustics of the gym and make it an appropriate venue for activities such as concerts, political rallies, and commencements.
Another key benefit of gym floor covers is the enhanced safety, which in turn reduces the potential of damage and liability costs. Covers are available in non-slip textures and patterns that can prevent slips and falls even when liquid has been spilled on the floor.
If the gymnasium does not currently have a gym floor cover available, consider protecting the floor with rentable temporary floor coverings, like dance floor, staging, astroturf, carpet, vinyl, wood or tile.

2. Cover the Gym Walls

When transforming your gymnasium into an event venue, covering the walls will redefine the space with a whole new look. Fabric draping offers the most coverage, and can be installed to cover the entire wall space from ceiling to floor. Other options include stand-alone décor items such as faux hedges or barn walls.
Some rental companies offer wall draping, including the installation and teardown, for a reasonable price. See the photos above or click here to see what fabric draping can do to completely transform the look and feel of your gym.

3. Cover the Gym Ceiling

With the floor and walls covered, the only thing left is the ceiling. Gymnasiums typically have tall ceilings with sports equipment, fixtures, and fluorescent lights – perfect for sporting events, but less than ideal for parties or other types of social events.
However, tall ceilings mean there is plenty of room to get creative with ceiling décor and create a more welcoming space. Fabric draping, chandeliers, up-lighting, string lights, and other custom branded features can be hung from the ceiling to cover up any unsightly fixtures in the ceiling and transform your space.

4. Prepping the Gym

Before an event for which you plan to use your gym floor cover, you should use scrubbers and buffers to get the floor as clean as possible. Remember to always use an appropriate cleaning product to make sure its finish is preserved — just because a cleaner is harsh does not mean it will do a better job. All debris should be removed and all spills should be thoroughly cleaned up during this process. Once cleaned, it normally takes less than an hour for a team of two or three to lay down the flooring. This reduced manpower translates into cost savings.
Prior to having any wall and ceiling coverings installed, be sure to walk through and identify any spots in the gym that will need to be accessible during the event (outlets, light switches, lights, safety equipment, etc.) and be sure to communicate this with the project manager handling the installation.

5. Cleaning Up

Once your guests leave and your rental company has uninstalled all the wall covers, ceiling décor, and other rental items, it’s time to clean and remove your gym floor cover to reveal the undamaged hardwood below. Because gym floor covers are far easier to clean than hardwood floors, the cleanup time is dramatically reduced. There are also specially designed mobile storage racks (available with covers) to help you both store and deploy your gym floor covers. These racks also help keep them clean when they are not in use.

~ Cover Sports contributed to this blog.

How To | What You Should and Shouldn’t DIY for Your Wedding

For the budget-conscious couple, doing DIY for your wedding can be a lifesaver! And there are many aspects of a wedding that make for perfect opportunities to get your craft on. But there are also some things you should leave to the professionals. Here is our breakdown of what you should and shouldn’t DIY for your wedding.

Do DIY: Favors

Forget spending tons of money on expensive customized favors, and do it yourself! Pick out something simple and inexpensive, but something that has meaning to you as a couple. From there you can just use your home printer and some yarn to create custom tags to tie on, or depending on what favors you chose, you can just write directly onto them with a permanent marker.

Don’t DIY: Tableware

Paper or plastic tableware may seem like an easy alternative to rentals, but the negatives usually outweigh the positives of purchasing disposable tableware. Real china and flatware has a look, feel, and presence that disposable tableware just can’t match. And when it comes time to clean up, the effort of putting the dirty dishes into the containers they were delivered in versus the effort of putting disposable tableware into trash cans is about the same. Cost differences are mostly minimal, and of course skipping the disposables means a lot less waste, and that’s something everyone can get behind!

Do DIY: Signage

If you need to direct your guests or provide important bits of information via signs, it’s simple enough to DIY. Buy or rent chalkboard signs, have someone with good penmanship write out the information you need and post them up where necessary. For the experienced DIYer, you can even make your own chalkboard sign with chalkboard paint and an empty picture frame! Then you can stand them on tables, hang them on walls, or place them on easels around your venue.

Don’t DIY: Photography

Almost everything that goes into a wedding will be gone the next day. The most important exception to this is the photography. The photos of your wedding day are going to be something you’ll cherish for the rest of your life, so you want to make sure you are getting the best! Hire someone you really trust to capture your day exactly how you want it to be memorialized. This is also an area where you don’t want to make cuts in the budget – quality is very important when it comes to your wedding photos!

Do DIY: Centerpieces

Depending on the number of tables you plan to decorate, the amount of centerpieces you need shouldn’t be a terribly large number. This makes it a simple DIY that won’t take up too much of your precious wedding planning time. If you want a more traditional floral look, buy or rent some vases or floral bowls and load them up with fake or real flowers. Candelabras or candlesticks are an easy one-step option, or get creative with different looks and themes and practice your arts and crafts skills on totally unique centerpieces!

Don’t DIY: Cake

Unless you happen to be a professional baker, chances are you don’t actually know exactly what goes into making a wedding cake. From the sheer size to the considerations of conditions, temperature and storage, a lot goes into a wedding cake. It’s not exactly the time or place to experiment with your home baking skills. It’s best to leave all of that to the professionals.

Do DIY: Paper Goods

Some websites like Shutterfly, Vistaprint, or even Etsy allow you to customize templates for invitations, programs, and menus, or upload your own custom design and get them printed and sent straight to your house. Or, if you really want to save some dough, just type up all your paper goods on your computer and print them at home on some nice cardstock for a gorgeous minimalist look.

Don’t DIY: Dinner

Similar to the cake situation, catering a wedding is not as easy as it may seem. Feeding that many people is a no easy task, and getting those calculations correct takes practice. Then you would also have to arrange where to cook it all, how and where to store it, and how to serve it. A caterer can usually handle all of those things behind the scenes, so you can happily cross that off your to-do list.

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Guest Blog | How to Arrange Your Furniture When Throwing a Party

You have invited friends and family members to your home or apartment to celebrate a special event. You want to make sure the party leaves a warm and fuzzy feeling inside of each guest that attends the gala affair. You have created a delectable menu of appetizers, as well as stocked the bar with plenty of the most popular brand name liquors and liqueurs. Now comes the hard part.

You have to spend an hour or so strategically rearranging the furniture to make the most of the entertainment space where the party is expected to unfold.

Interior designers have different ways to optimize a party space. From opening up a room to ensuring the party room does not look in Martha Stewart’s eyes, busy, interior designers get the most out of any room in a home. One of the most popular furniture arrangement strategies relies heavily on a centuries old philosophy referred to as Feng Shui.

Here are some tips for arranging your furniture when throwing a party:

Move Furniture to the Room’s Perimeter

Just exactly what do the smiling faces on QVC mean when a room is too busy? The answer is a room has way too much stuff on the floor, as well as along the walls. As the most effective way to create a cozy ambiance that encourages interaction, you should move the furniture to the sides of the room where you plan to entertain. Placing chairs in groups of two or more along the perimeter encourage guests to take a load off and have a conversation.

Good Riddance to Coffee Tables

Coffee tables represent a tripping issue and with your party room full of guests, the likelihood of someone tripping over a short coffee table grows considerably. Coffee tables are good for placing magazines, not acting as spaces for guests to leave drinks and appetizer plates. Move every coffee table to a closed off room during the entire bash.

What’s the 20% Rule?

Let’s say you expect 50 guests to attend the party. If you follow the 20% seating rule, you should leave enough seats for 10 guests to sit down and enjoy the festivities. If you leave too many single chairs or dual to triple seat couches, you will restrict the movement of your guests.

Move the Television away from High Traffic Areas

If you are not hosting a Super Bowl or Oscar Night party, you should relocate the TV to a light traffic area of a room. Even better, move the big screen into a smaller room, place a few chairs near the television, and explain to guests they can watch whatever they want in the adjacent room.

Unobstructed Entrances

You probably have opened up most of your house for guests to move about easily. It’s a welcoming gesture that loses its luster whenever a guest encounters a chair, couch, or table blocking one or more entrances. Make sure to clear all doors and entrances of furniture to open up every room and yes, make the rooms look less busy.

Small Groups of Seats

We have already mentioned clustering a few chairs at the perimeter of the party room. If you want to make the center of the room hop with lively conversations, arrange the seats in small groups that accommodate up to four guests. An effective strategy is dividing the party room into four sections, with each section containing a small group of between two and four seats.

Break Out the Creative Furniture

The room where you decide to hold a party should not be limited to the furniture pieces sitting in the room. For example, if you have a beautiful sculpture or designer lamp in another room, you can move the decorative piece into the party room to enhance the ambiance. Optimize the most attractive furniture pieces in your home by getting creative with placement.

How to Arrange Furniture to Encourage Feng Shui

In Chinese lore, Feng Shui represents a set of laws that define spatial arrangements (like furniture) to match a flow of energy. Feng Shui is a list of concise suggestions to optimize a space both in how the space appears and how the space feels. Ambiance is a huge part of the ancient Chinese artistic philosophy, and Feng Shui can play an integral role in how you arrange your furniture when throwing a party.


At the heart of Feng Shui is stability. There is not a better way to produce an aura of calmness than by placing the living room sofa against one of the walls. Make sure the sofa exudes comfort to maximize the Feng Shui tenet of security and stability.

Round Shaped Furniture

The spatial Chinese design philosophy frowns on arranging furniture that have sharp angles and corners. Sharp corners and angles designed for furniture create what is called “poison arrows, which direct negative energy towards a specific point in a room. Instead, Feng Shui encourages the arrangement of rounded pieces of furniture that spread a much more diffuse flow of positive energy that covers more area of a party room.

Single Chairs

Although a sofa positioned against one of the walls is a major principle of Feng Shui furniture arrangement, another important interior design element is to add a spacious loveseat and at least one single seat chair. The addition of a loveseat and at least one single chair increases the number of seating options for guests and thus, the new furniture arrangement closely follows the Feng Shui tenet of producing a warm, inviting environment.

Exception to the Round Furniture Rule

The lone exception to the round furniture rule comes into play after you arrange a loveseat and at least one single chair. A square coffee table placed within the perimeter of the new furniture arrangement allows guests to put their drinks and appetizer plates on an easy to access surface.

Finally, the goal of any furniture arrangement when throwing a party is to highlight the attractive features of each piece of furniture. By installing radiant Qi-Activating Lights, you can control the positive flow of energy that shines brightly on your most visually appealing pieces of furniture.


House Tipster

Color Story | Grown-Up Valentine’s Day Palettes

Leave the bright pink of your elementary school Valentine’s Day cards behind! It’s time to move on to a grown-up take on the traditional color palette. Between pink and purple is a whole world of color that fits right in for your Valentine’s Day celebration. Mix two shades together, pair them with dark colors for an edgy look, or add them to a lighter palette for an ultra-romantic feel. Take a look at the photos above for some inspiration.


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Trend Alert | Winter Weddings

Winter weddings tend to have their own unique sense of magic and wonder. A winter wedding also opens new doors for themes and color palettes that may not work as well at other times of the year. Whites and light colors emphasize a snowy winter wonderland theme, while dark and rich color palettes create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Check out the photos above for some examples of each and to get inspired!


Products pictured: Cornflower Polyester Tabledrape, Glitz Silver Charger, Jane Silver Dinner Plate, Platinum Salad Plate, Royce Silver Flatware, White Benson Goblet, Sonoma Red Wine Glass, Belle Champagne Glass, Linen Ivory Napkin, Rectangle Wooden Planter Box, White Polyester Tabledrape, Lindsey White Runner, Burst Silver Charger, Maui Clear Dinner Plate, Bistro Salad Plate, Gabrielle White Napkin, Kensington Pewter Napkin, Empire Champagne Glass, Belle Wine Glass, Sonoma Water Goblet, Gold Candlesticks, Metro Flatware, Phantom Dining Chair, Walnut Stained Farm Style Round Table, Burgundy Polyester Napkin, Burst Gold Charger, Satin Mauve Napkin, Maui Grape Dinner Plate, Ritz Salad Plate, Nova Flatware, Black Benson Goblet, Caprice Navy Tabledrape, Round Beaded Platinum Charger, Lucca Grey Dinner Plate, Kate Salad Plate, Satin Fig Napkin, Taylor Flatware, Copper Mug, Stemless Wine Glass, Sonoma Champagne Glass, Bistro Bread and Butter Plate, Delilah Cloud Oversized Runner.

Looks We Love | Christmas Décor

Christmas is just around the corner! Whether you lean toward the traditional red-and-green Christmas look or are ready for a new twist for your holiday décor, check out these looks for some inspiration. And don’t miss our recent blog on 5 Tips to Host the Holidays without the Headache for more helpful tips.


Products pictured: Felicity Settee, Bristol Plaid Pillow, Large Greyson Lantern, Walnut Stained Farm Style Round Table, Bristol Plaid Runner, Linen Scarlet Napkin, Glass Plain Gold Rim Charger, Victoria Dinner Plate, Dottie Salad Plate, Parker Flatware, Empire Water Goblet, Empire Wine Glass, Empire Champagne Glass, Gold Candlesticks, Georgia Ivory Runner, Burst Silver Charger, Maui Clear Dinner Plate, Maui Clear Salad Plate, Burgundy Polyester Napkin, Linen Stone Napkin, Scroll Flatware, Belle Champagne Glass, Belle Wine Glass, Emma Water Goblet, Copper Hammered Coffee Urn with Wrought Iron Base, Iron 3-Tier Tray, Copper Mug, Walnut Stained Farm Style Table, Linen Stone Runner, Round Beaded Platinum Charger, Platinum Dinner Plate, Platinum Salad Plate, White Polyester Napkin, Metro Flatware, Sonoma Water Goblet, Sonoma Red Wine, Sonoma Champagne Glass, Gunmetal Dining Chair, Vintage Folding Table, Gold Burst Charger, Jane Gold Dinner Plate, Marilyn Salad Plate, Kensington Pewter Napkin, Green Polyester Runner.

How To | 5 Tips to Host the Holidays without the Headache

If you’ve ever played host for the holidays, you know that while it is always fun to bring family and friends together, it can also come with its own headaches. Getting the house decorated and ready, preparing a menu and cooking the food, and the looming cleanup chores can be enough to overwhelm even the most experienced host. Luckily we can help with these 5 Tips to Host the Holidays without the Headache!

1. Decorate early (or quickly)

If you know you are hosting a holiday celebration at your house, you’ll want it to look as festive as possible! But holiday decorating can be a big task that takes a lot of time. If possible, start early so you don’t feel rushed. But if time is not on your side and you need to get the house ready within a tight schedule, just focus on a few key items to set the mood. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, focus on your table settings and decor. If it’s Christmas, just make sure to get the tree up and hang some stockings. Once a few main elements are in place, you can relax and only add more décor if you have the time.

2. Delegate duties

Trying to do it all is a good way to get yourself overwhelmed. Be sure to delegate what you can and don’t try to take on every responsibility by yourself. Take your most daunting task and ask someone for help. From decorating, to cooking, or just putting the plan in place, your friends and family will likely be eager to lend a helping hand wherever they can.

3. Hire professionals

Don’t overlook the possibility of hiring professionals for certain aspects of the party planning process. You may not want to splurge on an event planner for a family holiday, but you can certainly hire out for stages of the process. Hire someone to come deep-clean your house, contract a caterer for dinner, and have rental linens and tableware delivered to your house to cut down on setup as well as cleanup.

4. Think ahead

Even if you love planning and hosting events, cleaning up can be one of the biggest hassles. Think ahead during the planning process to save yourself some of the post-party stress. If you are hosting a meal, plan early and rent your dishware, flatware, and glassware. You can coordinate a perfectly festive look and you get to skip doing the dishes entirely. Table linens and napkins can also be rented in small quantities, so you can take laundry off your to-do list. Opening presents can also cause a big mess, so put trash bins or bags out around the room before everyone starts ripping into the wrapping. You can also put a receptacle nearby for reusable gift bags.

5. Make space for kids

Keep the kids busy and reduce your stress by having a space specially prepared for your younger guests. Load up a child-sized table with games and activities to entertain them until dinnertime. Then when it’s time to serve up the food, help them clear the table, throw on a table linen and drop some place settings. They will enjoy having their own space for play and for mealtime and cleanup will be much simpler without those surprise messes throughout the whole house.


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Trend Alert | 4 Reasons to Serve Signature Cocktails

Offering one or two signature cocktails at your wedding or event has many perks, from practical to fun! Check out these 4 Reasons to Serve Signature Cocktails.

1. It saves money

Replacing a full open bar with just a couple signature drinks cuts way down on costs. An open bar can get quite pricey after stocking it with all the different types of alcohol and mixers you may need, plus all the different types of glassware needed for the unlimited number of cocktails your guests may request. By sticking with just one or two cocktails for the night, you only need to worry about the ingredients and glassware for your selected drinks.

2. It saves time

Even if you still plan on having a bartender serve your guests, having the cocktails pre-mixed will save time and allow the line to move quickly, so everyone can get their glass refilled and get back to the night’s festivities.

3. You can be creative

Besides all the practical perks, creating and serving a signature drink is a fun way to personalize your event! It gives you an opportunity to choose ingredients, flavors, and even a name that is meaningful to you. With some curated drink choices, even your bar contributes to the theme of your event in a way guests will love!

4. It is memorable

Speaking of guests loving your signature cocktails, having creative and delicious drink options is a memorable detail for any type of event! Charming signage and a brief explanation on the meaning behind your choice can turn the bar from a necessity to a piece of the story and a statement piece for the evening.


Products pictured: Mojito Glass, Gold Candlesticks, Martini Glass, Pint Glass, Emma Water Goblet, Old Fashioned Glass Straight, Copper Mug, Clear Bubble Goblets, Glass Beverage Dispenser 3 Gallon.

Looks We Love | Halloween

Depending on the type of Halloween celebration you are planning, your decor may vary from spooky to cutesy — or may even evolve into something else entirely with a themed party. Check out the photos above for some of our favorite Halloween looks for this year.


Products pictured: Black Satin Tabledrape, Manhattan White Overlay, Round Lacquered Black Charger, Rio Ruby Dinner Plate, Ritz Dinner Plate, Tiffany Plate, Red Satin Napkin, Smith Flatware, Black Benson Goblet, Ledge Balloon Wine Glass, Ledge Champagne Glass, Zipp Licorice Napkin, Black Satin Napkin, Organza Spiderweb Overlay, Loden Polyester Tabledrape, Chrome Bird Nest Bread Basket, Walnut Stained Farm Style Table, Satin Orchid Runner, Black Sequins Runner, Grace Silver Glass Charger, Ritz Salad Plate, Sage Polyester Napkin, Satin Fig Napkin, Fiddle Flatware, Smoke Dixie Goblet, Sonoma Red Wine Glass, Sonoma Champagne Glass, Caprice Mango Runner, Ava Blush Charger, Faye Dinner Plate, Cognac Luster Salad Plate, Charleston Bread and Butter Plate, Burgundy Polyester Napkin, White Benson Goblet, Leyton Loveseat, Austin Cocktail Table, Charcoal Brigette Pillow, Blush Brigette Pillow, Long Drink, Molly Runner, Walnut Stained Farm Style Round Table, Round Beaded Platinum Charger, Lucca Ivory Salad Plate, Sprinkle Ivory Runner, Belle Wine Glass, Belle Champagne Glass, Bronze Tree Cupcake Stand, Satin Fuchsia Napkin, Scroll Flatware, Black Chiavari Chairs.