Cognac Luster – Bread and Butter Plate

Cognac Luster – Saucer

Cognac Luster – Salad Plate

Cognac Luster – Dinner Plate

Cognac Luster – Cup

Color Story | Grown-Up Valentine’s Day Palettes

Leave the bright pink of your elementary school Valentine’s Day cards behind! It’s time to move on to a grown-up take on the traditional color palette. Between pink and purple is a whole world of color that fits right in for your Valentine’s Day celebration. Mix two shades together, pair them with dark colors for an edgy look, or add them to a lighter palette for an ultra-romantic feel. Take a look at the photos above for some inspiration.


Products pictured: Caprice Fig Tabledrape, Lindsey White Overlay, Round Beaded Gold Charger, Nova Flatware, Lucca Ivory Dinner Plate, Dottie Salad Plate, Linen Rose Napkin, Satin Fig Napkin, Brandy Snifter 12 oz., Empire Wine Glass, Sonoma Champagne Glass, Grace Silver Glass Charger, Jane Silver Dinner Plate, Lucca Grey Salad Plate, Smith Flatware, Kensington Aubergine Napkin, Peacock Dixie Goblet, Belle Wine Glass, Belle Champagne Glass, Satin Mauve Tabledrape, Burst Silver Charger, Platinum Dinner Plate, Platinum Salad Plate, Metro Flatware, Smoke Dixie Goblet, Sonoma Red Wine Glass, Ornate Silver Raised Cake Stand, Satin Ivory Tabledrape, Copper Organza Overlay, Satin Mauve Napkin, Ava Blush Charger, Victoria Dinner Plate, Marilyn Salad Plate, Scroll Flatware, Traditional Champagne Glass, Sonoma Water Goblet, Rectangle Wooden Planter Box, White Polyester Tabledrape, Caprice Fig Runner, Round Beaded Platinum Charger, Ritz Dinner Plate, Ritz Salad Plate, Lavender Polyester Napkin, Square Wooden Planter Box, Sprinkle Ivory Tabledrape, Lindsey White Runner, Cognac Luster Dinner Plate, Lucca Ivory Salad Plate, Cognac Luster Bread and Butter Plate, Satin Fuchsia Napkin, Ledge Wine Glass, Ledge Champagne Glass.

How To | 5 Tips to Host the Holidays without the Headache

If you’ve ever played host for the holidays, you know that while it is always fun to bring family and friends together, it can also come with its own headaches. Getting the house decorated and ready, preparing a menu and cooking the food, and the looming cleanup chores can be enough to overwhelm even the most experienced host. Luckily we can help with these 5 Tips to Host the Holidays without the Headache!

1. Decorate early (or quickly)

If you know you are hosting a holiday celebration at your house, you’ll want it to look as festive as possible! But holiday decorating can be a big task that takes a lot of time. If possible, start early so you don’t feel rushed. But if time is not on your side and you need to get the house ready within a tight schedule, just focus on a few key items to set the mood. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, focus on your table settings and decor. If it’s Christmas, just make sure to get the tree up and hang some stockings. Once a few main elements are in place, you can relax and only add more décor if you have the time.

2. Delegate duties

Trying to do it all is a good way to get yourself overwhelmed. Be sure to delegate what you can and don’t try to take on every responsibility by yourself. Take your most daunting task and ask someone for help. From decorating, to cooking, or just putting the plan in place, your friends and family will likely be eager to lend a helping hand wherever they can.

3. Hire professionals

Don’t overlook the possibility of hiring professionals for certain aspects of the party planning process. You may not want to splurge on an event planner for a family holiday, but you can certainly hire out for stages of the process. Hire someone to come deep-clean your house, contract a caterer for dinner, and have rental linens and tableware delivered to your house to cut down on setup as well as cleanup.

4. Think ahead

Even if you love planning and hosting events, cleaning up can be one of the biggest hassles. Think ahead during the planning process to save yourself some of the post-party stress. If you are hosting a meal, plan early and rent your dishware, flatware, and glassware. You can coordinate a perfectly festive look and you get to skip doing the dishes entirely. Table linens and napkins can also be rented in small quantities, so you can take laundry off your to-do list. Opening presents can also cause a big mess, so put trash bins or bags out around the room before everyone starts ripping into the wrapping. You can also put a receptacle nearby for reusable gift bags.

5. Make space for kids

Keep the kids busy and reduce your stress by having a space specially prepared for your younger guests. Load up a child-sized table with games and activities to entertain them until dinnertime. Then when it’s time to serve up the food, help them clear the table, throw on a table linen and drop some place settings. They will enjoy having their own space for play and for mealtime and cleanup will be much simpler without those surprise messes throughout the whole house.


Products pictured: Walnut Stained Farm Style Table, Cross Back Chair, Lacquered Faux Marble Charger, Victoria Dinner Plate, Lucca Ivory Salad Plate, Presley Flatware, Caprice Fig Runner, Burgundy Polyester Napkin, Navy Polyester Napkin, Smoke Dixie Goblet, Sonoma Red Wine Glass, Sonoma Champagne Glass, Khaki Polyester Tabledrape, Caprice Tangerine Runner, Lace Cream Sash, Burst Silver Charger, Lucca Ivory Dinner Plate, Kate Salad Plate, Lucca Ivory Bread and Butter Plate, Royce Silver Flatware, Bubble Water Goblet Clear, Ledge Wine Glass, Belle Champagne Glass, Satin Fig Napkin, Linen Persimmon Napkin, Caprice Navy Tabledrape, Olivia Blue Runner, Round Light Wicker Charger, Charleston Dinner Plate, Charleston Salad Plate, Linen Robin’s Egg Napkin, Brick Polyester Napkin, Emma Water Goblet, Belle Wine Glass, Charleston Bread and Butter Plate, Lucca Grey Chop Plate, Cognac Luster Dinner Plate, Lucca Grey Salad Plate, Latte Polyester Tabledrape, Contempo Scarlet Napkin, Cabo Marigold Napkin, Fiddle Flatware, Amber Dixie Goblet, Brandy Snifter 6 oz, Cardinal Polyester Runner, Harvest Oatmeal Tabledrape, Lacquered Distressed Wood Charger, Contempo Cappuccino Napkin, Mason Jar, Beer Pilsner Glass.

Looks We Love | Halloween

Depending on the type of Halloween celebration you are planning, your decor may vary from spooky to cutesy — or may even evolve into something else entirely with a themed party. Check out the photos above for some of our favorite Halloween looks for this year.


Products pictured: Black Satin Tabledrape, Manhattan White Overlay, Round Lacquered Black Charger, Rio Ruby Dinner Plate, Ritz Dinner Plate, Tiffany Plate, Red Satin Napkin, Smith Flatware, Black Benson Goblet, Ledge Balloon Wine Glass, Ledge Champagne Glass, Zipp Licorice Napkin, Black Satin Napkin, Organza Spiderweb Overlay, Loden Polyester Tabledrape, Chrome Bird Nest Bread Basket, Walnut Stained Farm Style Table, Satin Orchid Runner, Black Sequins Runner, Grace Silver Glass Charger, Ritz Salad Plate, Sage Polyester Napkin, Satin Fig Napkin, Fiddle Flatware, Smoke Dixie Goblet, Sonoma Red Wine Glass, Sonoma Champagne Glass, Caprice Mango Runner, Ava Blush Charger, Faye Dinner Plate, Cognac Luster Salad Plate, Charleston Bread and Butter Plate, Burgundy Polyester Napkin, White Benson Goblet, Leyton Loveseat, Austin Cocktail Table, Charcoal Brigette Pillow, Blush Brigette Pillow, Long Drink, Molly Runner, Walnut Stained Farm Style Round Table, Round Beaded Platinum Charger, Lucca Ivory Salad Plate, Sprinkle Ivory Runner, Belle Wine Glass, Belle Champagne Glass, Bronze Tree Cupcake Stand, Satin Fuchsia Napkin, Scroll Flatware, Black Chiavari Chairs.

Color Story | Grey

Grey is anything but boring these days, with the neutral hue showing up in color palettes for weddings, home décor, and even fashion. From ultra-light grey to slightly tinted greys, this color is evolving into a staple in color palettes everywhere.

Check out these photos for some ideas of how to make grey work for you!


Products pictured: Lauren Plate, Lucca Grey Dishware, Pearl Flatware, Athena White Overlay, Light Grey Polyester Tabledrape, Lacquered Faux Marble Charger, Smoke Dixie Goblet, Caprice Ivory Tabledrape, Delilah Oversized Runner – Blush, Lucca Ivory Dishware, Smith Flatware, Frayed Grey Napkin, Stemless Wine Glass, Emma Glassware, Traditional Champagne Glass, Mercury Votives, Draper Sofa, Draper Chair, Brigette Pillows, Harper Coffee Table, Faux Marble Trays, Silver Teapot, Kate Dishware, Caprice Navy Tabledrape, Delilah Oversized Runner – Cloud, Satin Fig Napkin, Round Beaded Platinum Charger, Taylor Flatware, Copper Mug, Sonoma Glassware, Ava Blush Charger, Cognac Luster Dishware, Royce Silver Flatware, Winston Smoke Runner, Walnut Stained Farm Style Round Table, Linen Stone Napkin, Taupe Polyester Napkin, Studio Lounge Furniture, Sprinkle Blush Runner.

How To | Pick the Perfect Chairs for Your Event

For such a simple event staple, chair styles are surprisingly varied. But since chairs are one of the most abundant items at most events, they can certainly make an impact on the overall look. Keep reading to learn more about the 5 styles of chairs in our inventory and when you should consider renting each one.

1. Chiavari

With so many different color options, Chiavari chairs are some of the most versatile and popular chairs. These types of chairs can fit into almost any style and budget. Mahogany and Natural Wood are a good option for a more organic or rustic vibe, Vintage Wash fits in with a vintage or garden look, while Black, White, Silver and Gold can add coordinating color to your table style.

2. Gunmetal

In the past, Gunmetal chairs were used almost exclusively for industrial styles. However they are becoming more and more popular to use in a mix-and-match look. From edgy to romantic, they can really tie together a wide array of décor. If you’re having trouble envisioning these chairs at your event, feel free to come into any Celebrations! showroom and create your own custom displays until you find the perfect combination.

3. Phantom

The best thing about these transparent chairs is that they can fit into any style! Phantom chairs are popular as ceremony chairs for a simultaneously subtle and striking look, while they can be used as seating as well as guests’ place cards at a reception with the help of custom decals. These chairs are the perfect base to dress up in your own unique style. Keep them simple for a sleek look, add faux fur on the seats for a modern and cozy vibe, or throw on some pillows for a pop of color. No matter what you do with Phantom chairs, the result is sure to stand out.

4. Specialty

Wooden Crossback chairs are one of the most popular chairs in our inventory for reception, ceremony, or any type of event seating. They bring a natural style to tie in a variety of looks, from a vintage garden party to a modern farmhouse wedding. For a more sophisticated look, Felicity dining chairs bring big style to any event. These chairs coordinate well with Crossback chairs or the Felicity lounge collection to create a cohesive look that’s not too vintage or too modern, but somewhere right in the middle.

5. Folding

Padded Folding Chairs (available in White, Black, Natural, and Walnut Wood) and Off-White Samsonite Folding Chairs are quick, simple, and easy solutions to seat large crowds without a large bill. These simplistic chairs don’t add much in the way of style, but they certainly get the job done and seat your guests comfortably.


Products pictured: Vintage Wash Chiavari Chair, Walnut Stained Farm Style Table, Charm Runner, Platinum Dishware, Cognac Luster Dishware, Glitz Gold Charger, Royce Silver Flatware, Organza Bronze Chair Sash, Organza Pewter Chair Sash, Satin Silver Napkin, Gold Chiavari Chair, Distressed Wood Chandelier, Mahogany Chiavari Chair, Emma Glassware, Gunmetal Dining Chairs, Walnut Stained Farm Style Round Table, Linen Sea Green Runner, Maze Clay Runner, Kalvin Dishware, Linen Sea Green Napkin, Smith Flatware, Sonoma Glassware, Stemless Wine Glass, Phantom Dining Chair, Phantom Accent Chair, Light-Up Cubes, Mint Julep Cup, Crossback Chair, Felicity Dining Chair, Samsonite Folding Chair.