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Corporate Retreat


This is an annual company retreat held at a lakeside lodge in South Lake Tahoe. This event takes places over the course of a few days every summer. Starting in 2011, Celebrations was brought on board as the main rental provider.  We have been lucky to help produce some amazing elements of the event.  One of the most important features that we provide is the main stage on the beach, this stage is used multiple times throughout the 4 day retreat. In order to create a structurally sound stage, we use our “Strata floor” system which can be adjusted in height, this is helpful considering the water level changes from year to year.  Along with the main stage, we build a faux Coffee Shop and a VIP deck using the same “Strata floor” product.  There is also a number of tents that get set up throughout the property that are used for different elements of the event.  The dining tent is a 40’x80′ “Engineered track” tent which seats up to 200 people for their breakfasts and dinners each night.  We coordinate the “Swagging” in the tent based on the theme for the year, which for 2013 was
“Old Hollywood”.  Overall, this is a really fun event and we look forward to working on this project every year!