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Sail Cloth Tents


Create a Spectacular Event with a Sailcloth Tent

Introducing our newest addition to our tent collection, the Sail Cloth Tent. With elegant lines, magical glow, and poetic look, our sailcloth tents provide the perfect setting for your special day. The sculpted peaks and eaves, with a hint of nautical flare, combine to create an open air event space like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The translucence of the sail cloth fabric richly enhances daytime events with natural, warm, light, and dramatically glows when lit for evening gatherings. Whether it’s along the coast, on a vineyard, or in the beauty of your own backyard, our tents can tailor the custom and unique feel you are trying to capture. These tents are built from a lightweight sailcloth material which allows for a natural warm toned light during daytime events, and when lit, positively glows during evening and nighttime events.

*Please note, these tents are recommended to be used during “Fair weather”. If you’re looking for a tent to withstand major weather conditions, you would want to look into our “Structure” style or “Engineered” Trac tents

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