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Color Story | All White

White is a timeless wedding color that will never go out of style. And while most brides opt for the classic white attire, it shouldn’t be out of the question to keep the color around in the rest of your wedding day décor. An all-white look can give your wedding a sophisticated and modern feel with minimal effort.

Try using different textures, like sheer draping, fur details, and lace linens, to add some variety while maintaining that clean, monochrome color scheme. Metallic silvers and light greys can also add to the complexity of the look without overpowering it with color.

If you just can’t wrap your mind around a completely white look, try adding one accent color. Using a single contrasting hue in small doses breaks up the monotony while still allowing the overall look to be bright and clean. Dark red, metallic gold, and black all look stunning against a white backdrop.

Centering your décor on an all-white look is also an efficient way to take some of the stress out of wedding planning. Since white doesn’t have many variations, and almost all items described as “white” will be the same shade, finding matching décor is a breeze – no matter what stores or vendors you work with!


Products pictured: Satin Silver Tabledrape, White Polyester Napkin, Platinum Dishware, Royce Silver Flatware, Beaded Platinum Charger, Hampton Bar – White, Oxford Bar Back – White, Light Grey Polyester Tabledrape, Belle Glassware, Emma Glassware, Frayed Grey Napkin, Bistro Dishware, Fiddle Flatware, Georgia Ivory Runner, Lace Cream Runner, Wrought Iron Candelabra, Austin Cocktail Table, Gunmetal Barstool, Studio Corner Section, Studio Middle Section, Studio Round Ottoman, Studio Square Ottoman, Studio Coffee Table, Studio Side Table, Felicity Settee, Fire Pit, White Polyester Tabledrape, Lindsey White Runner, Burst Silver Charger, Maui Clear Dishware, Metro Flatware, Gold Candlesticks, Empire Glassware, Sonoma Glassware, Phantom Dining Chair, Banquette, Rose Satin White Tabledrape, Silver Chiavari Chair, Clear Top Tent with White Swagging, Crystal Chandelier.


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