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Venues & Event Solutions

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With over 200 full-time employees, our team provides seamless integration on every project from inception through operations and close out.


We offer full-service construction management with the oversight and integration of all aspects of the project, from asset design and renderings to budgeting, manufacturing and on-site management.


Whatever you are looking for, we either have it in stock or can get it for you – from temporary structures of any size or shape, to furniture, elevators and decor. Venues and Event Solutions is a one-stop shop for all of your event needs.

Mission Statement

Venues & Event Solutions has a mission philosophy of providing superior service and products to our clients, ensuring there is no compromise in delivery and execution. We are dedicated to positioning ourselves to lead the changing market of the event world, and have developed into a full-service event infrastructure and construction service company. We believe the success of an event is dependent upon the global coordination of vendors, and excel at blending self-perform work with specialty partners in the industry. Our Venues and Event Solutions team is excited to share our staff, services and extensive inventory to help take your event to the next level.