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Pink Halloween

Color Story | Pink Halloween

As our Pinterest boards (and our minds) are overrun with all things Halloween, we can’t help but notice that Pink Halloween ideas are among the most popular (and most adorable) décor ideas for this year’s holiday.

Switching it up

When you think about it, it makes sense. The tired old black and white scheme seems due for a change up, and the light pastel hue offers great contrast to existing decor. Whether you’re putting together a party for your kids and their friends, or you’re planning a soiree for yourself and your adult friends, a pink Halloween creates a chic look that’s both spirited and stylish.

Giving back

And, if you needed one more reason to hop on the Pink Halloween bandwagon, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So a pink party is not only very fitting, but it’s a great way to show your support for the cause. And as an added bonus, some stores may offer discounts on various pink items or give donations with your purchase during the month of October, so be on the lookout for promotions to save and support while you plan your Pink Halloween party.

Photo 1: Twinkle Twinkle Little Party: How to Host a Halloween Inspired Wine & Cheese Girls’ Night In Party
Photo 2: Caprice Dove Table Linen, Black Runner, Martini Glass, Benson Goblet, Wine Glass, Lacquered Faux Marble Charger, Maui Clear Dinner Plate, Platinum Salad Plate, Presley Flatware, Taupe Polyester Napkin, Linen Carnation Napkin.
Photo 3: Austin Cocktail Table, Molly Runner, Long Drink, Leyton Loveseat, Brigette Charcoal Pillow, Brigette Rose Pillow, Pipe and Drape.
Photo 4: Betty Blush Couch, Monroe Ottoman Mauve, Pink Dixie Goblets, Linen Carnation Napkin.


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