How To | 5 Tips to Host A Halloween BBQ

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How To | 5 Tips to Host A Halloween BBQ

If your family is a big fan of Halloween, one night of trick-or-treating my feel too short, especially when it falls on a weeknight like it does this year. To extend the holiday fun, host a Halloween BBQ over the weekend to give your costumes one more chance to shine and celebrate together with all your family and friends. Here are 5 tips for Hosting a Halloween BBQ.

1. Get Your Yard Ready

As the weather cools down and the leaves start changing colors, spending time outside becomes an enjoyable way to embrace the new season. Make sure your yard is ready for hosting with plenty of seating, lawn games for the kids and adults, and a fire pit for when it gets chilly (and of course for making s’mores).

2. Visible Décor

Hosting a Halloween event during the day also means you will need to up your decoration game to include the inside of your home and the backyard. To make it a little bit easier, it might help to start with a theme idea. Are you going with monsters, witches, haunted mansion, or classic fall? Whatever theme you choose, try to incorporate that look into your table decor as well, so your guests get a chance to be totally immersed. In the yard, you can get creative with what you have and put big monster eyes and teeth on the bushes, use decals on the windows, or hang ghosts in the trees. Lanterns or glowing jack-o-lanterns will keep the ambiance going once the sun sets.

3. Creative Foods

Another key element to any BBQ is a good menu. But with a Halloween backdrop, you have room to get really creative. A quick search on Pinterest will show you that there is no limit to unique, spooky, and festive food ideas, like jack-o-lantern cheeseburgers, Adam’s ribs, mummy hot dogs, jack-o-lantern bell peppers, and no shortage of Halloween dessert ideas (you can definitely find something to match your décor theme).

4. Festive Games

Set up some games for all ages to keep both kids and adults entertained all day. If you have the time, you can completely DIY some new activities, or just put a spooky spin on some classic games. To get the ideas flowing, check out these game ideas: Pin the Spider on the Web, Pumpkin Bowling, Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe, and some Halloween-themed activity printables.

5. Awesome Costumes

No Halloween party is complete without costumes! Encourage your entire guest list to don their best costumes before heading over. Host a contest to get everyone’s competitive spirit going and to make sure they all arrive dressed to impress!

Photo 1: Walnut Stained Farm Style Table, Black and White Stripe Runner, Grace Silver Glass Charger, Ritz Salad Plate, Benson Black Goblet, Belle Wine Glass, Gold Candlesticks, Silver Mercury Votives.
Photo 2: Vintage Folding Table, Caprice Tangerine Runner, White Lantern.
Photo 3: Black Satin Table Linen, Lindsey White Overlay, Black Lacquered Charger, Ritz Dinner Plate, Tiffany Plate, Red Satin Napkin, Benson Black Goblet, Ledge Champagne Glass, Ledge Balloon Wine Glass, Satin Black Napkin, Zipp Licorice Napkin, Smith Flatware.
Photo 4: Pillsbury
Photo 5: Taste of Home
Photo 6: Make It Grateful
Photo 7: HGTV
Photo 8: I Dig Pinterest
Photo 9: Loden Polyester Table Linen, Organza Spiderweb Overlay, Chrome Bird Nest Bread Basket.
Photo 10: Pipe and Drape with Caprice Tangerine and Black and White Stripe Runners.


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