Looks We Love | 6 Styles of Runners and Why We Love Them

Looks We Love | 6 Styles of Runners and Why We Love Them

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Looks We Love | 6 Styles of Runners and Why We Love Them

Take your table to the next level with a runner! Whether fabric, floral, or a combination of the two, runners are one of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to immediately enhance the style of your tables, as well as your event! Check out these 6 runner styles and why we love them.

1. Floral runners

For an all-natural vibe, stick to greenery and floral arrangements to run down the length of your table. This is a centerpiece that will stretch to whatever length you need it to, with virtually no limitations!

2. Statement runners

Go with a bold, decorative runner to make a stylish statement at your event. Stripes, polka dots, and sparkling sequins will attract the eye and bring a bold splash of style to your tables.

3. Textured runners

Ruffle up some burlap or tie knots in a softer fabric for a textured look that defies the usual role of a runner. The added dimension makes it easy to substitute the fabric for a traditional centerpiece, saving you both time and money!

4. Layered runners

If you’d rather keep your runners lying flat, try layering two or three of varying colors and prints to spice things up. Or layer a couple of the same runners for extra coverage on a larger table.

5. Sideways runners

To turn your runners into a unique look, literally turn your runners! Lay several runners sideways for an almost striped look across your table, and a memorable use of your table space.

6. Romantic runners

Gather a softer fabric down the length of your table to create a cozy and romantic vibe. Sheer fabrics and lighter colors work best for this style, like white, ivory, or blush.


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