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Trend Alert | 4 Essentials to Host a Super Bowl Party That’s Fun for Everyone

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Trend Alert | 4 Essentials to Host a Super Bowl Party That’s Fun for Everyone

Super Bowl parties aren’t just for sports fans anymore! Between good friends, delicious snacks, plenty of beverages, and entertaining commercials, there is something for everyone on Super Bowl Sunday. Playing host to a Super Bowl party is a great way to get excited about game day, no matter which part interests you the most! Here are 4 essentials to hosting a Super Bowl party that’ll be fun for everyone.

1. Food

If you’re not in it for the football, chances are you’re in it for the food! Since Super Bowl parties often serve up appetizers and snacks, set out plates and napkins and let guests load up their own dish. Our Tiffany plates are reminiscent of a football shape and with a cute sign, Canary Polyester Napkins turn into “penalty flags.”

2. Drinks

Beer is a pretty safe beverage option to have on hand during any football game, but if your guests are celebrating the big game with any kind of alcoholic beverages, it’s also important to keep them hydrated! Fill up a Beverage Dispenser with water to allow easy and quick access for everyone.

3. Décor

Don’t skimp on décor! Deck out the party zone with team colors and logos to play up the competition, then throw in some finishing touches with more classic football décor (like football cutouts, black and white referee stripes, and grassy backgrounds).

4. Seating

Since a Super Bowl party is centered on a televised event, seating is a very important aspect to consider when you’re playing host. Hopefully your living room is ready to accommodate everyone in a comfortable seat, but if it isn’t, don’t worry! You can rent seating options – from folding chairs to sofas – for a budget-friendly temporary fix.


Products pictured: Market Buffet with Black and White Stripe Awning, Organza Apple Overlay, Mason Jar, Glass Beverage Container, Galvanized Cake Pedestal, Chalkboard Reservation Stand, Bubble Water Goblets, Tiffany Plates, Mint Julep Cup, Canary Polyester Napkins, Beer Pilsner Glasses, Lighted Bar Sign.


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