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Trend Alert | 5 Stylish Transparent Details

Trend Alert | 5 Stylish Transparent Details

While you can’t exactly call it a color, transparent elements are becoming a popular addition to weddings and other events. Pair transparent details with a rainbow of colors, or stick to a simplistic scheme of just one or two accent colors. No matter how you style them, these 5 transparent details aren’t going away any time soon.

1. Phantom Chairs

Whether used for ceremony seating, dining chairs, or accent furniture in a lounge arrangement, Phantom Chairs add immediate style to your event. They are still very much on-trend this year and are only increasing in availability. We offer two styles of Phantom Chairs, with or without arms, as well as a Phantom Podium for conferences or ceremony readings.

2. Transparent Tableware

For an understated and sophisticated look, clear tableware is a great way to add noticeable style without going over the top. Our 4 styles of clear glass chargers are among our most popular, while our Maui and Kona dishware collections make great pairings with any color scheme. We offer both dishware collections in Clear, as well as several other transparent tints if you want to tie in a subtle pop of color.

3. Printed Materials

From the invitation suite to the seating chart to the menus and place cards, many of the traditional paper goods at weddings and events are being replaced by transparent acrylic or plastic. This trend is new enough to really stand out and leave guests with a lasting impression of innovative style.

4. Sheer Fabrics

While not totally transparent, sheer fabrics are consistently growing in popularity. As a runner, they can be gathered for a very soft, subtle, and romantic look. As a chair sash or decoration, it can dress up your chairs in a beautifully simple way. And as a pipe and drape fabric, it can cover unsightly areas, provide a beautiful ceremony backdrop, or divide a space entirely without feeling too heavy or stuffy.

5. Clear Tents

The benefit of a clear tent over a solid-walled tent is obvious: you and your guests can enjoy the view! A clear tent allows your event to reap all the benefits of a scenic venue, while still maintaining a comfortable atmosphere for your guests at any time of year in a temperature-controlled shelter. It’s the best of both worlds!


Products pictured: Phantom Dining Chairs, Parker Flatware, Pink Dixie Goblet, Elsa Charger, Kalvin Dishware, Maui Grape Dishware, Allison Flatware, Lindsey White Runner, White Benson Water Goblet, Sonoma Glassware, Empire Glassware, Mercury Votives, Glass Plain Gold Rim Charger, Madison Flatware, Maui Clear Dishware, Fiddle Flatware, Royal Polyester Napkin, Pacifica Polyester Napkin, Regal Purple Polyester Tabledrape, White Polyester Tabledrape, Lindsey White Overlay, Burst Silver Charger, Metro Flatware, Gold Candlesticks, Chelsea Ivory Napkin, Kensington Pewter Napkin, Belle Glassware, Sheer White Pipe and Drape, Greyson Lanterns, Cross Back Chairs, Clear Top Tent, Edison Chandelier – Circle, Market Lights, Mahogany Chiavari Chair.


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