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Trend Alert | Hanging Decor

Hanging decor from the ceiling of your venue can transform the look and feel of your event. Not only does it add another dimension to your space, but it also offers more opportunity to make it your own!

1. Structures

Structures such as Hanging Ladders or Wire Spheres are simple items that serve as a blank canvas to add decor that matches your event’s themes or colors. Hanging ladders offer a rustic feel and a large, flat space where you can place candles or greenery. Wire spheres are a more modern option that can be hung as is, or lined with lights or florals. The possibilities are endless with these versatile items!

2. Lights

Whether it’s chandeliers or string lights, lighting is a go-to ceiling treatment option for many planners. Besides adding decorative features to an otherwise blank ceiling, you also get the added bonus of more event-quality lighting.

3. Lanterns

Hanging lanterns (either traditional lanterns or paper lanterns) are a great decor option for a more unique look that will surely be noticed. And setting candles or LED lights inside the lanterns is a great way to transition a space from day to night!

4. Fabric

If you have a large expanse to cover, an unsightly ceiling, or just want a super plush look, consider draping fabric across the entire ceiling of your venue. This option transforms your space completely and can be totally customized for any kind of event.

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